Download and install linux kernel on offline machine

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Re: Download and install linux kernel on offline machine

Post by Racer-X- »

afora wrote:
Sun Dec 22, 2019 12:54 am
Any hints on how to do that? I want to write 2 scripts - one for downloading it on an online machine, the other one is for installing it on the target offline computer.

Does the kernel come as another .deb package by any chance? That would dramatically simplify the workflow for me, but I cannot find where it is or its name.

Many thanks!
Your question has definitely gotten lost in all the discussions/debate about kernel versions. Sorry about that, as I was a major contributor to the turn offf course there.

Back to your questions here. I have a few questions of my own, and I can probably help with the setup and scripts once I have answers.

First, I would not recommend upgrading only the kernel. I'd upgrade all the packages installed on the offline computer(s). I know that's not what you asked for, but that's actually just as easy, maybe even easier than just upgrading the kernel. It's not that difficult to set up a "repository" on a USB stick that can be used with the apt commands on the offline computers. That will update/upgrade all of the packages on those systems.

The big question is, how many offline computers do you have to update? Just one? Fewer than 6? Or a whole bunch (more than 6)?

The other question is, all of these offline computers have Linux Mint installed? What version of Linux Mint is on them? To be certain, open a terminal window (or go to a virtual console with Ctrl-Alt-F2 for example) and enter the command lsb_release -a. If there's more than one offline computer, check them all.

I'll be back with a pair of scripts you can use to update those offline computers if you can give me the answers to those two questions.

EDIT: I'll also have some setup stuff to create the USB stick for the updates, and to change the apt sources.list files on the offline computers to use a USB stick as a repository. That setup will only have to be done once, the first time you update. After that, future updates can be done with one script run on the Internet attached (online) system to load the latest updates into the repository on the USB stick, and you'll just use sudo apt upgrade on the offline systems to install the upgraded packages.
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