Transfer notes from Tomboy to Gnote

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Transfer notes from Tomboy to Gnote

Post by lantrung246a »

I have a lot of notes taken with Tomboy over the years and I actually preferred it to Gnote because of the HTML export feature. Since Mint 19.3 is not including Tomboy anymore I thought I should transfer my notes over. Looking around Gnote I found the "Tomboy Importer" plugin. There is no intuitive method that I found to actually use the plugin. I found the wiki page for Gnote and the Gnome wiki page and neither of them mention how to use the plugins. I enable the plugin and... what else am I supposed to do?

Now for someone who's been using Linux for a long time I simply pulled up the terminal and copied all the files from

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Re: Transfer notes from Tomboy to Gnote

Post by rickNS »

Funny, I was curious about the same thing, went ahead and installed Gnote anyway...guess automatically imported tomboy notes all by itself.

That said, I'm using it now, but still making copies in tomboy as well, I haven't made up my mind which one I want to go forward with, Tomboy has more features, it's not just the tray thing, there's the linking in tomboy, and more...

You know what I dislike about both of these note apps, Tomboy, and Gnote ? It's the sort order, it's like last modified, and when you have a bunch of notes it makes finding one, not so easy.
So I looked a little further into it, I'm looking at Noblenote, it's in the repos, and it keeps it's notes in alphabetical order! The sensible way IMO, anyway I got bigger worries just now.
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