Windows 10 partition not visible

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Windows 10 partition not visible

Post by dam64 »

Greetings to everyone here, I am a cameroonian (central Africa) using linux in my research activities (Physicists). One month ago I had the opportunity to visit Germany for a conference and bought an asus laptop (in saturn) which came with windows 10 software (Home edition). Although I rarely use windows I decided to keep my windows 10 and install linux mint as a dual OS. Unfortunately after several attempts (I have tried since 3 weeks!!!!) I have not been avble to install mint, in fact I dont see the partition created under window for linus during the installation process (I see only the USB stick drive). I have resolved to completely delete windows 10 from the laptop and install only linux. I will greately appreciate if someone can guide me on how to process

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Re: Windows 10 partition not visible

Post by decrepit »

Windows can't see linux partitions, if the install went correctly, you should get the grub bootloader on start up, giving you the choice between mint and windows. If you aren't seeing that, then grub may be configured to boot straight into windows, or grub didn't get loaded. If you use your install media, you should be able to use that to see what is going on.
/etc/default/grub, is the configuration file. the first line in that,
sets which OS loads by default.
The third line,
sets how long the grub window lasts, in seconds, before booting the default OS

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