Enabling Sound in Terminal

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Enabling Sound in Terminal

Post by river56 »

Hi, I just switched to mint and one of the first few things that I've noticed is the lack of noise or notifications when using the terminal. Is there any way to enable this or configure it? thanks.
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Re: Enabling Sound in Terminal

Post by kato181 »

Terminal is just like the mdos of winwoes. It's a text box where you enter commands to get results. You don't need sound sound to get the results. As far as I know sound is not supported, but I maybe wrong.
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Re: Enabling Sound in Terminal

Post by powerwagon75 »

Do you have a specific example of what you're looking for with regards to notifications? With whatever command you run, your "notification" is going to be what is printed back to display, in terminal, as applicable.

As for sound, there is a bell function, but it doesn't do much. Pretty much seems to "beep" only when you can't move the cursor (like left/right arrows on an empty terminal entry line, or when you hit the bottom/top of a man page.)

If you want to try it, easiest way is to use (or install, then use) dconf editor. Open it up, and go down to: org --> cinnamon --> desktop --> wm --> preferences; in that list you can "X" Audible Bell, and then you can pick a sound for it on the bell-sound line. I tried it using: /usr/share/sounds/LinuxMint/stereo/system-ready.ogg

The system-ready.ogg will give you a fairly quiet, quick little "plink" sound.

Tip: to find the correct area in dconf quickly, open it, the use <Ctl+F>, type bell and hit enter. It should take you to directly to that spot.
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