Linux Mint 7 installation experience

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Linux Mint 7 installation experience

Postby gremarc » Wed Aug 19, 2009 3:54 am

Hi yall!
Just thought I'd share this for the mint Team... First allow me to say that I'm not coming from windows to *nix. After having fought with Desktop rendering problems in FreeBSD and the correct usage of my NVidia card in Ubuntu, I decided to go back to Debian (the marriage didn't last long either) until yesterday.

My Experience before Linux Mint
FreeBSD (4.7 - 8-Curr) - This was and is still a favorite by me. After coming from Solaris and migrating to OpenBSD (Server; Still use it!) and FreeBSD (as Desktop system), it was FreeBSD that I stuck with as a Desktop. I love the console and don't have a problem with getting my hands dirty with the system if needed. However, after version 6.5 the relationship started to sour. I tried staying the with old for a while, but seeing that I fell in love with MyPaint and Blender an upgrade in certain areas was necessary. This is where the problems started. Switching to 64 Bit did help things move quickly, but the problem with Gnome and my Hardware would not go away. Then came the idea to try...

Ubuntu (all) - First off, the system is great and I installed it on my notebook (until yesterday that is). Ubuntu has the same fanfare like IE, FireFox and Chrome (for windows users). As you can tell I do not use these browsers at all. Ubuntu claims "Most Wacom tablets should work out of the box in Jaunty, including full hotplugging support, without the need for additional configuration". This is true, in a sense. While it did work (be connected) out-of-the-box but the pressure settings must be added and such, but that is all good. The problems with Ubuntu started with a simple security upgrade. The tablet would loose focus and connection like in Debian and no matter what I did, the results remained the same. I even tried some other derivate systems 64Studio, ArtistX, Konppix, just to name a few, but the results remained the same. Then reading all over the net about "it worked out of the box!!" and "I have no problems at all" really started pissing me off. Don't even start with "never change a running system". Firstly, this is a typical windows thinking and secondly, how many people by new cars to replace their "running" cars? I decided to go back to Debian and see if this problem would persist...

Debian - The marriage here lasted longer than the previous ones. Up until a security update again. I could not identify which one caused the problem or which ones were causing the problems. Actually, I'm not interested in that anymore. I do know however, that I am not going back to Debian or FreeBSD until they have really cleaned up and Linux Mint starts acting up like they did too. With Debian and FreeBSD I knew what to do when certain problems arose, but that did not help with my tablet connection to the system.

Linux Mint 7
Now I'm here with Linux Mint (I hope I don't need to change soon or ever again) and the ride just started, but I'm smiling again! After countless hours trying to patch things and installing many different versions (literally) as a last ditch attempt I am giving Linux Mint a try. Yesterday, I downloaded the 32Bit version because this note impressed me "Note that the Main Edition (which is 32bit) is usually more stable and it also supports 64bit processors". I also was eager to try it, because I did ot read any reviews (which I hate) about this system. I came across Linux Mint through a tutorial from someone using a Wacom tablet. I searched and found the site and downloaded and installed.

I can safely say, that my tablet does work out-of-the-box! MyPaint and Inkscape pick up nicely with my tablet now and more importantly, there are no "millisecond" pauses with every stroke(had it with FreeBSD and all other systems I tried). I don't know what you guys did (because it is an Ubuntu jaunty derivate, if I'm not mistaken), but nonetheless, my DigiCam (Firewire Sony), Scanner (Cannon), Printer (Cannon), graphic card (NVidia) and Tablet (Wacom Intuos 3) work really well with this system. Hey, and even after a kernel upgrade everything is still working as desired!! Well done guys, really :cry:, I'm so at ease now it's almost unreal.

Kudos guys/gals!!
- Gremarc

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Re: Linux Mint 7 installation experience

Postby emorrp1 » Thu Aug 20, 2009 3:48 am

Hello, and Welcome to Linux Mint. I see you've already got stuck in at the forums helping out, so thanks for that. I too am sometimes flummoxed by the hardware differences with Mint, despite it mainly being an Ubuntu base, but hey, I'm not going to complain.
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