Possible duplicates in startup applications

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Possible duplicates in startup applications

Post by hpmc13 »

I was looking through the startup applications and noticed that there are a bunch that appear to be duplicates ... sort of. I've attached a screenshot. It seems to me that both Cinnamon settings and GNOME settings are doing the same thing. Clipboard, color, housekeeping, for instance. Is this correct, or can I turn off one side or the other?

I've been updating/upgrading Mint from around version 16 or so without ever performing a full-blown reinstall. I have noticed that my Mint boots a lot slower than my son's, even though I'm using a much newer computer and booting from an SSD whereas he has a platter drive. I've run all the boot-time analyzers and nothing jumps out at me except for samba, which I unfortunately need for my other kids' Windows machines.

Thank You.
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Re: Possible duplicates in startup applications

Post by karlchen »

Hello, hpmc13.

Behind each item, which you read in the Startup Applications list, there is a .desktop file.
These files are located in 2 directories:
  • /etc/xdg/autostart
    (The systemwide autostart entries, which are the same for each user on your machine)
  • $HOME/.config/autostart
    (The user specific autostart entries. This may be additional autostart entries, which you created. This may also be a systemwide autostart entry, which you disabled for yourself only. - This directory may be empty, like here on my machine, because apparently I have never bothered to change the systemwide autostart entries here.)
Chances are not bad that Gnome Startup Applications and Cinnamon Startup Applications actually present precisely the same list of .desktop files. Gnome presents them as Gnome startup applications, Cinnamon presents them as Cinnamon startup applications; but in fact they read precisely the same .desktop files. Result: no duplicates.

In order to actually verfiy, which startup applications really exist twice, you would have to identify for each job in the Gnome list and in the Cinnamon list, whether they read the same .desktop file.

Best regards,
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