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Re: Evaporating dialogue box?

Posted: Wed Jul 01, 2020 1:58 am
by lilysotoo
Maybe, I need to mark some dpkg for architecture in synaptic package manager to be able to install Zoom, based on that error message?

How on earth could I see the full error message at least, or if I couldn't, how would I parse which of the dpkg available in synaptic should be marked for installation? This is probably the last idea I can generate about any of this tonight. Thank you to anyone who might care to respond.

Re: Evaporating dialogue box?

Posted: Wed Jul 01, 2020 11:31 am
by LanceM
The only way Timeshift would have a copy of your data is if it was specifically configured to do that type of snapshot. That said, I don't think you can recover your precious files. I just cannot believe people don't have backup copies of their data. It's like driving into the wilderness without a spare tire. Believe me, you aren't the only person to make this mistake. I harp on my friends to do it and even then several don't.

Re: Evaporating dialogue box?

Posted: Thu Jul 02, 2020 7:41 am
by michael-hi
Hi lilysotoo,

This is a very surreal thread and I'm not sure I can be much help, but I just wanted to express my sympathy if it turns out you have lost all that work. It seems a very harsh punishment for a small amount of computer naivety. It's true though that backing up your work is fundamental and more important than Timeshift and all that stuff. Apart from anything else, hard disks can and do fail suddenly without any warning giving you no chance to retrieve your data.

I hope you have managed to find these documents. You need to be methodical and go carefully through everything in your home folder. Obviously if you find stuff in your music or pictures folders that is a good sign that the documents should be around somewhere. Also check if you have any USB sticks or SD card plugged in on which you may have saved your work. Or maybe you saved it to something like Google Drive or elsewhere in the cloud?

I should check too with the person who helped you install (not that it's their fault, obviously!) because they may be able to tell you straight away if they were aware of any documents and whether they saved them.

If they weren't saved, I believe stuff can sometimes be retrieved (with software like testdisk) after a disk has been formatted, but only if it hasn't been overwritten by new data. The trouble is that dumping a whole new operating system on the drive is likely to have obliterated most or all of what was there before. Still, it may be that some of your work - perhaps the more recent stuff - is still there but currently inaccessible. If you want to explore the possibility of data retrieval you would need someone to help you directly eg a computer-savvy colleague. If you use a firm, bear in mind that you may pay over a load of money and then find in the end that the data cannot be retrieved.

Also if you do want to try and salvage something, don't worsen the problem by adding new stuff to the disk! Maybe beg, steal or borrow another computer for your Zoom meetings.

As for your problem with half an error message, maybe that would be fully visible if you were to maximise the window or widen the column by dragging a line with the mouse? Reference to architecture and 64 makes me wonder if there is some kind of mismatch eg you are downloading a 32 bit version of Zoom when you have 64 bit Mint. Or maybe you installed 32 bit Mint by mistake and then tried to install 64 bit Zoom which obviously wouldn't work.

I wish you luck but bear in mind that members here may be reluctant to give very specific advice in a situation like this because any slight misunderstanding could worsen your problem!

Re: Evaporating dialogue box?

Posted: Thu Jul 02, 2020 6:41 pm
by lilysotoo
Hi Michael-hi,

Thank you for your kind words. I agree it does feel surreal. Honestly, I've been pretty numb since i started to realize what i may have lost, and your words helped me to feel how bad it might be, and I'm grateful to be sobbing, rather than feeling dead inside.

I didn't know i was so attached to these projects, to my own expression. I didn't also know that I should have treated these with precaution and care, because they mean (meant?) so much to me, and I also didn't know how much i maybe value my relationship with myself, and my active processes with words.

Your kindness helped me to have the courage to feel and to see what i might have lost, and why it matters to me. This is something that a lifetime of therapy has not helped me to recover, but there it was, buried in my consciousness like a far away star, burning into the vast, cold emptiness.

I'm grateful that you are like this, in the world, somewhere, being so kind even through embodied misery, that it is possible to hear you over the loud, loudness that misery makes.

Also, your advice is pretty helpful, really. Now that I realize how important my writing is to me, and also that I've recovered some sense of it mattering that this is important to me, i will be more careful in the future, if i can face the losses enough to return to writing (if they are losses, which i guess isn't entirely certain yet?). It has never occurred to me that my hard drive could fail, and it feels very helpful for me to read that this is the case.

I also see the logic that you're using about the Zoom installation, and the error message language and accessibility. Just to read your logic on those things, really does help me to better consider how to work with them, though also, I'm going to follow your advice and not keep trying to install Zoom, in case it could interfere with the potential that the documents might be retrieved.

So far, many professionals who I've contacted, seem to not understand linux, perhaps including the person who helped me install the new OS (idk)? I'm also realizing maybe I should try reaching out to a few specific friends. As well, I do plan to try to directly ask the person who helped me, tomorrow afternoon, if he had a backup of my data anywhere? I also reached out to the organization that sold me the computer with linux 18.3 installed, in case they might be able to help me.

I definitely don't have any of the work saved anywhere. It just isn't something I was doing, and unfortunately that direction yields no hope of any kind.

Yes, I understand, i may need to pay a lot of money to find out there's nothing there. I want to make a joke about how this reminds me of medical care, or of much of what I've purchased in my life, but my soul may not have the ability to joke right now. I guess i could think of the cost as a burial fee for the person who I was before last week.

I think maybe I'll take up sculpture again, or maybe stick to writing with pen and paper for a while.

Thank you for encouraging me not to make it worse, and for pointing out that people on this forum might not offer advice because they also don't want to make things worse. Thank you for your caution, and for not making things worse, and for helping me to better understand this forum.

I'll see if I can make any progress IRL. I'll write again if/when i know anything.

Re: Evaporating dialogue box?

Posted: Fri Jul 03, 2020 7:27 am
by michael-hi
Thank you for your kind response and update, Lily. I would just add that if somebody is going to be looking at the hard drive to see if there is any possibility at all of data retrieval, then you should meanwhile use a different machine. Even just web browsing will involve further data being added to the disk.

And, on reflection, two backups (!) would not be excessive for work which is particularly important to you. With at least one being kept in a different place from the computer (or backed up in the cloud) as backups are a precaution against theft as well as computer breakdown.

It's good that you appear to have some outline of a plan to move forward from this and I wish you all the very best in your endeavours.

Re: Evaporating dialogue box?

Posted: Fri Jul 03, 2020 1:28 pm
by lilysotoo
Hello michael-hi,

Yes, I understood. Since I read your message, I have not even turned on that computer at all. I think that advice was super clear and helpful.

I have too many plans to attempt recovery, though who knows if any of them will work. I'm speaking with a person later today who seems to feel like recovery could be possible. She is a friend of a friend, and very experienced with linux.

We'll see. I'm trying now to figure out an external hard drive situation so that she can maybe help me recover data to it.

Thank you for your thoughtful reply! I hope that all is well for you too. It has just occurred to me that some people on this forum might be trying to solve their own serious problems, yet stopping that to try to help other people. It is a beautiful potential, if so.

I wish you all of the very best in your endeavors, as well.