Missing setting in power manager

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Missing setting in power manager

Post by whoomee »

I run 19.3 Cinnamon on a Huawei Matebook Pro X and I miss some settings in the Power manager.

When the lid closed I have set the Power Management program to "Shutdown immediately" to prevent that the battery drains.
But that is not optimal because it results in that the computer needs to make a full boot up every time I have closed the lid.
I quite often accidentally close the lid and then only a few seconds later open the lid again to do some more stuff on the computer.

So I think the best for me would to have one more setting in the program like when the lid closes "shut down after X minutes"
or even one more option (currently now are the options "turn of the screen after for", "suspend when have been inactive after for",
"when the lid is closed").

The option or setting could be "when the lid have been closed for" - e.g. 5 minutes shut down.

Then should it BOTH be possible to set:
"when the lid is closed" Suspend after X minutes AND
"when the lid is closed after X minutes" to "Shut down".

Alternative could it be a setting like:
"when the lid is closed" Suspend after X minutes AND
"when it had been suspended AND on running on batteries during "X time" shut down.

Or something like that.
The way it is now is it not perfekt.

Or can I do something to make it better?

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