Bootable flash on MacOS - Not readable?

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Bootable flash on MacOS - Not readable?

Post by Breogan »

Hello all,

I'm in the process of doing my first ever desktop build and just discovered Linux Mint. I'm convinced this is the OS I want to run.

My only other computer is a Macbook with macOS Catalina. Anyway, I downloaded LM Cinnamon 64bit, downloaded Etcher, went through the mounting process. Per Etecher, the process was completed successfully but right after it was done, my Macbook gave me a "The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer" message. Wonder if I should've formatted the flash beforehand or something?

Should I be worried now about trying to use this as a good bootable flash for my new desktop build?
Would a simple check on the boot option of the BIOS of my new build be all I need to confirm if the flash is good or not?

thank you!
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Re: Bootable flash on MacOS - Not readable?

Post by Pulegium »

Your MacBook won't recognize the Mint installer because of security measures that were added to MacOS in 2018 . These can be turned off but if you have no desire to install to your MacBook it might not be worth your time . The installer is probably fine . It's probably a good idea to check in the BIOS and see if needs to be set to boot from the Flash drive . If the Flash drive wasn't formatted properly at worst it just won't boot .
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