Battery level display in Turkish

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Battery level display in Turkish

Post by helebakbi »

Hello dear Users,

I cannot start a new topic, İ could not find the "new topic" text to click.
As my question is related with the display of the battery percentage I would like to write my question here.
On turkic languages the procent sign precedes and not follows the numeric value, auch as %45.

In Windows with turkic languages selected, it is displayed grammatically correct.
In Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon set to Turkish, it is incorrect.

How can I correct this fault?

Thank you very much for your help.
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Re: Battery level display


Can't help you with the language thing but for the New Topics button your Linux forum web page should look similar to this attached screen shot, New Topic button w/red letters should be in the left corner:
New Topic Button.JPG
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Re: Battery level display in Turkish

Post by Moem »

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