How to add file shortcut on panel?

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How to add file shortcut on panel?

Post by Cap »

In Cinnamon how to add a shortcut to a text file on the panel?
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Re: How to add file shortcut on panel?

Post by diapason »

If you just want to be able to open the file and don't have to have it in text file format, first, save the file you want to use in PDF format
Right click on the menu button and select configure
Click on the menu tab and then click on open menu editor
Click on Office in the left hand window and select new item from the options on the right
Enter a name for your file in the Name box and then in Command, use the browse button to find the file you want and double click it to put it in the command box
Use your arrow keys to move the cursor to the extreme left of your command line and type evince followed by a space
Enter a comment if you wish
Click OK and then click Close and then close the Menu window
Now open the Menu and click on Office and you should see your file name there with (Evince) after it
Right click the file name and select Pin to Taskbar.

It works for me every time.

EDIT Further to my earlier post, it occurred to me that you should be able to do this also with text files although I have never had the need.

I had a look at two text editors (the default text editor in LM20 and also Gedit).

I found that if I used the relevant text editor launcher command instead of evince, it will actually work for text files written with that editor.

So, for example if you replace evince with gedit %U for a file written with Gedit, you can make a panel shortcut as described above. Likewise, for a Libre Office Writer file, you put libreoffice --writer and so on.

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