Slow boot after drive clone (sort of)

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Slow boot after drive clone (sort of)

Post by EssCee »

Hi Folks,

Mint 19.3, on a Dell i5 UEFI mATX motherboard, with an mSATA slot.

Had a Samsung SM841 SSD in the mSATA slot, decided to replace with an 850 EVO mSATA SSD.
Backed the drive up using AOMEI Backerupper, set to back up only used space.
Made the new drive GPT and EXT4, then copied the disk backup to the new disk.
Expanded the Home partition to fit the new (bigger) drive.
Now have slower boots.

Quiet splash is disabled, and in the boot messages, I see:
- Pause at a 'loading BTRFS' message
- Pause at 'A start job is running for dev-disk-by\xxxxxxx.....'

After looking at things, I realised that the swap partition was not backed up, and so does not exist on the new disk.

I used gparted to create a swap partition, and added the swap partition's new UUID into fstab.
But I'm not sure I did that right, or that I did everything else that's supposed to be done with that, and there has been no change to the boot delays.

I would prefer to resolve this, rather than just blank the drive and start from scratch, as I've got Win 10 on another disk for teleworking, with it set to use the Grub bootloader so I can choose what to boot into, and that's in the Boot partition on the Linux disk.

Advice appreciated, in baby steps and crayon please.

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Re: Slow boot after drive clone (sort of)

Post by bob466 »

Is the original SSD still untouched ? If not you're Screwed...AOMEI doesn't work with Linux as you now know...the damage is done. Image

I assume you're trying to create an Image of a smaller SSD and putting it on a larger SSD...if so you need to use the correct Software...either Macrium...viewtopic.php?p=1434480#p1434480 or Foxclone... I think Foxclone might be the easier one to use for you.

When creating an Image..."All Partitions" must be selected otherwise it won't work even with the correct's like having a Torch that requires Two Batteries and you only put in wont work. :( When you create an Image and put it on a new should work exactly the same as it would on the original Drive. :D

Once you put the Image on the larger need to use Gparted to expand the Unallocated space...I've done this with a Macruim Image and it works just fine. Image
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