Idk what to do I just can't login into Linux Mint 20

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Idk what to do I just can't login into Linux Mint 20

Post by mrHoovyFromTF2 »

I can't login. I do my password then it goes black then shows the login screen again. I just switched to linux after going all over the forums I found a few others have had this problem too recently. If you see the error near the top it was one of the problems. I am guessing it can't write to my disk since there isn't enough space. :?
Here is link to image
Anyways it seems my storage in some sort of partition is full. I did delete I think some themes but I am not even sure if it increased the spaces there.

I did go into the recovery mode and did clean but it did nothing.
I also did sudo apt-get clean.
I hope this is enough information.
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Re: Idk what to do I just can't login into Linux Mint 20

Post by Kester »

Hi mrHoovyFromTF2,

Boot your system using live media. You will then be able to check the problem drive with Gparted to see if it is full and if there is any unallocated space on the drive.. You will also be able to use the file manager to see what files are taking up the space. Don't delete anything at this stage though unless you know for sure it is not an important system file.

It may be that lack of space on the drive is not the problem but something in the BIOS/UEFI such as Secure Boot being enabled. You do need to give a bit more information. What is your system - e.g. desktop or laptap? What is the drive type and size? What version of LM20 - e.g. Cinnamon, Mate or XFCE etc.
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Re: Idk what to do I just can't login into Linux Mint 20

Post by hayden »

I agree with both of your comments about it being an issue with space as it shows your home directory to be at 100% full. I've seen this before not necassarily with normal user data but sometimes with erroneous log files. Anyway in that virtual console you got up, run the following command:

Code: Select all

du -hs /home/louiemonty/* |sort -rh
This will tell you the size of folders and files in your home with largest on top. This should guide you to find the culprit file(s)/folder(s).
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Re: Idk what to do I just can't login into Linux Mint 20

Post by Larry78723 »

I agree with hayden. I'd add that you should also check for old, unused kernels. They take up a lot of space.
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