How find out about all down & uploads

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How find out about all down & uploads

Post by Pepper-Mint-Patty »

On a LM 20 system i just installed RawTherapee via the sw manager. According to system monitor after a while more then a whopping 10 GB! was downloaded and 800mb uploaded!
It looks like the syst monitor is not calibrated, looking in FF download speed it shows about 10 times slower measurements.

Ok +10mb d/l speed seems to be too unrealistic down here. Still really want to know what is happening there. Syst mon does mention +10GB d/l.
How to find out what is downloaded and how big the files are?
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Re: How find out about all down & uploads

Post by Termy »

Were I in your shoes, I'd have different feet.

But seriously, I'd sudo apt-get install nethogs then run nethogs to see what's taking up so much bandwidth. Hope that helps. I can't offer a graphical solution because I don't know of one, but no doubt someone else here will.

Also, be sure you're not confusing the measurements, like Mb with MB; admittedly, it does get a bit convoluted.
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