Touchpad scrolling method: Automatic

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Touchpad scrolling method: Automatic

Post by trollomat »

Hello, I'm new. :)

I recently upgraded to Cinnamon Mint 20 from 18, and going through the settings I was happy to see the option "Automatic" for the touchpad scrolling, since I prefer Edge scrolling, but sometimes my girlfriend uses my laptop and she is used to Two-finger scrolling. Only to be disappointed because it didn't enable both as I thought it would. In fact, as far as I can tell it's the same as Two-finger scrolling. So my questions are:

Is it? Or is there a difference that I don't see?

Is there a way to enable both?

Thank you very much. :)
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Re: Touchpad scrolling method: Automatic

Post by Termy »

I'm not able to help you, without being at the laptop so as to configure a shortcut for both of you to use which would toggle between the two, if they are indeed different things. However, I can still say hi and welcome you to the forums.

So, hi and welcome to the forums. :lol:

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