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File Emblems (Folder Color Program?)

Posted: Tue Jan 12, 2021 9:40 pm
by Thusspoke
Software: linuxmint-20.1-cinnamon-64bit
Hardware: MSI Laptop GT Series GT780DXR
Problem: File emblems

Switched from Ubuntu to Mint. Loving it so far. Used the program Folder Color in Ubuntu to change folder colors AND to mark off folders and files with important, finished, in-progress, etc. Out of the box Mint allows me to change folders colors with a right click which is great. And I can mark folders with emblems by right clicking properties > emblems. However, I cannot get "marks" or emblems to appear on files. When I try to set emblems on files it just makes the icon slightly smaller but you cannot see any emblem or mark.

I tried to install the Folder Color program I had used in Ubuntu but when I went to install it said it was already installed. I have no right click options when trying to label files. Any suggestions?