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Re: package manager/software manager

Post by RedWagon »

They both install software from the repos. Basically if you want to install a program, you just search or browse through them, check what you want to install, and hit apply. Package Manager (Synaptic) is the same as the one included in Ubuntu, Software Manager (Mint Install) is a slightly improved version of the Package Manager designed specifically for Mint. Package Manager also hides libraries and other dependencies so it's more friendly to new people.
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Re: package manager/software manager

Post by w8wca »

Package Manager (and Software Manager also) is the name for what windows would call add and remove programs.

Most Linux software is in a "package" of many parts.

In Mint the recommended way is via MintInstall

Software manager lets you just install a program and not worry about all the program/package dependencies

If you want some details - ... nglish.pdf
then read the section on remove and install software
cheers charlie - w8wca
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Re: package manager/software manager

Post by DrHu »

BritFlick wrote:..I don't even understand what a package is. Please help me understand this in the simplest possible way.
A package in Linux is a ready to install program

The main package formats are .rpm and .deb
Mint uses .deb ( based on Ubuntu 9.04; jaunty (also based on (debian))
Suse, Fedora use .rpm

Packages are created from the source files
--you might think of them as binary files, like windows .exe, a ready to install program.

If a package doesn't exist, because no-one has created it yet (packaging into an .rpm or .deb format: assembling it), then installing from source files is an option, however you may have to debug the install.
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