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Re: Laptop+linuxmint and more

Post by w8wca »

this post "may" have some answers ... rd#p197269

only then pick Portugese if it is there - I am not at my Mint Laptop atm.
cheers charlie - w8wca
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Re: Laptop+linuxmint and more

Post by DrHu »

Thiagosort wrote:Haha, it worked! Now i have still the display problem.
And for the keyboard, pi still want it to know if i can set each keyboard with a layout(use 2 keyboards at once)
i still want it to know if i can set each keyboard with a layout..
Yes, if they use different languages/countries or you use scim to switch between layouts; I think that even with two keyboards attached and using different country/languages or layouts for the same or similar languages: (English) en-usa, en-uk, that you can't have more than one active keyboard at a time
--unless you work it out with /etc/X11/xorg.conf file settings..

Not with the same country/language selection
--keyboard layouts relate to country/language
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