cannot login from GUI Linux mint 20

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cannot login from GUI Linux mint 20

Post by zayno70 »

Hello All,
i'm new to linux i've been working for almost a year and had alot of pleasure doing so with LM20, today i got a surprise...i cannot login from my GUI!!!!
i searched around in the forum for similar problems but couldn't find my problem, in the other solutions there was mentioned that you could login via ctrl+alt+F1 i did and i could login into the system, i also did df -m / /home and got 47% on both directories, next i did sudo apt clean i rebooted but i still cannot login via GUI, can somebody help me out??? :(
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Re: cannot login from GUI Linux mint 20

Post by SMG »

Maybe something in this post will help.
A woman typing on a laptop with LM20.1 Cinnamon.
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