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Re: Brand spanking new

Post by DrHu »

AGNKim wrote: I seem to find stuff like, "Installing a printer (or sound card or a second HDD) is easy! Just -$ def /edd/ ! ^hak at the >mek< load screen and, voilà!
Just -$ def /edd/ ! ^hak at the >mek< load screen..
Sorry, I don't know what that has to do with adding a printer
--maybe if you showed the link that gave you that sequence, it would be more clear.
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Re: Brand spanking new

Post by markcynt »

It's best to ask a real question.

Tell us exactly what you need and exactly what you don't understand.

Here's some good reading meanwhile. ... nglish.pdf
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Re: Brand spanking new

Post by Katzedecimal »

Welcome to Linux! And welcome to Mint, one of the best introductions to the world of Linux :mrgreen:

Mint being based on Ubuntu, many Ubuntu books are suitable candidates for the new learner (like me :lol: ) So, "The Official Ubuntu Book" is a good place to start, as is "Ubuntu for Non-Geeks" -- that one features a lot of projects that Mint already has covered (like installing codecs), but is still a good introduction to many concepts. When you're limbered up and ready to take on a little more, "The Linux Bible" is a step into the beginner-intermediate world (though it's by no means the 'bible' it claims to be.)

One of the most educational things I ever did was to attempt an installation of Gentoo Linux onto a spare computer. The Gentoo manual is VERY well-written, explaining every step - and what it does and why - in plain language that a moderately new person can understand and follow. While you may or may not get a useable system after you're done, you WILL have a much greater understanding of how Linux - and your computer - works.

And lastly, hanging around on the Mint forum is a great way to learn. Sit and 'listen' to the gurus here, read posts, look at common problems and don't be afraid to ask for clarification. I've asked for hand-holding and 'talk simple for the n00b' many times and gotten it. So welcome to Linux Mint and I hope you find it as enjoyable as I have :mrgreen:
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Re: Brand spanking new

Post by vrkalak »

Welcome to LinuxMint!!

I understand about the Linux terminology seeming like another language. In a way it is.

I found many eBooks about Linux and Debian/Ubuntu online
This is a good one --->
Many more tutorials at . . .

I have learned a lot in the few months I have been using Linux.
I have even gone into my LinusMint-7 as 'root'
At the moment, I am building an OS off Debian Squeeze (testing) Xfce. Challenging, but fun. No, really.

Also, remember, Terminal is your friend! :mrgreen: Still intimidated me. :(
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