An IDIOTS GUIDE to Linux ??

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Re: An IDIOTS GUIDE to Linux ??

Post by DrHu » wrote:I wouldn't mind if a little bit of DOS came into this OS but alas no we are to basically GUESS what all these STRANGE words mean not a bit UNDERSTANDABLE to us 'old codgers
I have a feeling, a strange feeling of a rant coming on ... _and_Linux ... s_software

Alas, most Windows OS or Apple OS (classic , OS9 or OS-X) users never understood their file system, and depended on the GUI to teach them: It can't, it is not designed with that purpose in mind..
--I guess we might now throw in Linux users, who don't want to type anything, but rather depend on the GUI to provide the answers: same answer as for Windows OS or Apple OS, it can't wrote:..I am willing to PAY for such a book if there is one, our local bookshop doesn't even know what Linux is let alone have a book.
Let me save you that unnecessary expense!..
I wouldn't mind if a little bit of DOS came into this OS but alas no..
--it's the other way 'round, dos copied Unix commands ... linux.html ... users.html
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