how to download direct links in mint?

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Re: how to download direct links in mint?

Post by nadir »

i downloaded your link by clicking on it, like i allways do. As far i know i aint got no software/tools for it. Whats the problem? ( i once had download-helper for firefox, but i never used it). Nice music, you got some more links :-) Perhaps check for gwget...not sure about that.
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Re: how to download direct links in mint?

Post by Old Marcus »

Right click 'Save Link As' then save to wherever you want.
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'apt install' can be used on Linux Mint as a shortcut for 'sudo apt-get install'. 'apt x' can be used for various other apt commands as well.
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Re: how to download direct links in mint?

Post by dawgdoc »

snehangshu wrote:Suppose i want to download ... Allah__.[b]mp3[/b]

....and download manager/accelerator is available like DAP(for windows) in Mint?
Seeing that this is a mp3 file, Rhythmbox has DAAP/DAPP ? functionality under the File menu.
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