Getting a Linksys wmp11 card to work?

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Getting a Linksys wmp11 card to work?

Postby stephen4785 » Wed Oct 28, 2009 11:16 pm

I know its an old card but its the only on I had laying around. I dont know if its v2.7 or v4. I installed the hardware and turned the computer on. It didnt automatically install like I had hoped. How do I get it installed? Iv searched for tips but everything I find was from 2004 and there are a bunch of broken dead links. I cant get the machine that has Mint on it to connect to the internet so anything I do will have to be loaded onto a thumb drive from a windows based machine and transferred over.Thanks for any help.

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Re: Getting a Linksys wmp11 card to work?

Postby stephen4785 » Thu Oct 29, 2009 2:11 am

Well I finally got it to work but I had to disable my WPA security and leave my network open(so if anyone has any suggestions on how to fix that please let me know). This is the first time Iv used linux and actually took my time to figure stuff out. Iv tried Ubuntu before and ended up not using it due to frustration. This may or may not help someone else so Ill list what I figured it out.
I went to ndiswrappers site to try and download the right driver but there link for the linksys wmp11v4 is broken.
So using a computer(windows) you do have internet access to
-go to linksys's website.
-Click on the support tab
-enter in model number(wmp11 in my case)
-select"get downloads"
-select which version of the card(v4.0 for mine)
-download the driver only (7.79mb file.Do not download the setupwizzard) to your desktop.
-Now unzip the file to a thumb drive or write it to a disk
-insert thumb drive or disk into linux mint computer
-create a new folder on your desktop by right clicking anywhere in the desktop and selecting "create folder". Name the folder anything you want to name it(I named it linksys).
-Now open "Computer" on your desktop.
-Open the thumb drive or disc(which ever one you used).
-Copy all of the unzipped files to you new folder.
-Click the menu button on the bottom right.
-Click " Control Center"
-Scroll down to "Windows Wireless Drivers"
-Click "Install new drivers"
-Navigate to the new folder you created on the desktop
-Click on "install new driver"
-Click on "lsipnds.ini". It should say lsipnds hardware present: Yes. If it doesnt click on "install new drivers" and click on another file named .ini (allof them except autorun.ini) untilyou find the one that works.
Your wifi card should be working now unless your router has an encrypted network enabled. I had to disable mine for the time being until I figure out how to get it to work. Ill update this post when ever I get it figured out
Sorry the post is so long. All the posts I found didn't really have a step by step procedure so I thought I would share what I found to the other noob's like me.

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