Where is my icon? How do i get it back?

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Where is my icon? How do i get it back?

Postby roysan » Sun Nov 08, 2009 5:20 am

I used to have a small Icon in the status (panel) bar (i hope it is called this way - that showed me how strong the W-Lan connectivity (not the two monitors, the "other" one) is. W-Lan is still working, but the small icon is gone - maybe i activated some kind of hide status for it? or it was removed... i do not now. But i would like to have it back. I do not kknow how to change W-Lan networks in another way. If you klick this icon a list of available networks is shown an i could select a different one...

I hope i could discribe my problem

In easy word if i would like to chache W-Lan networks, i used to do it with the conectivity icon. this is gone and i do not know how to chance them in another way. So plese help me to get the icon back and maybe you can explay me how to change networks. I tried the two monitor icon, but i did not see how to change there something except from over all settings.

Thanks a lot

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Re: Where is my icon? How do i get it back?

Postby sausageandeggs » Sun Nov 08, 2009 6:37 am

Have you tried adding "Notification area" from add to panel, or you could try reinstalling the network manager.
If i've understood you correctly then the network monitor (the 2 monitors?) shows you wireless networks as well.
At least with Linux you don't have to read the small print.

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Re: Where is my icon? How do i get it back?

Postby Matt3223 » Sat Nov 14, 2009 6:22 pm

seems I have buggered my little applet as well trying to remove a different one.

Is there a way to re-instate the default applets that are set at the bottom right in Mint 7?

I deleted the update manager, and the network manager applets by accident. Actually clicked remove once, and all three near the little separator bar disappeared.

Attempted to add them back by right-clicking and adding to panel, but I couldn't find an option for the network manager. I found one for the update manager, but it doesn't appear to be the same one. Just a button to open mintUpdate. It looks a smidge different though...

anyhow, I somehow deleted everything in the bottom right except the date/time and volume.

back to default would work for me. :)

[edit]... apparently I didn't read the above post with enough attention. "Notification Area" is what I removed, and replacing it as suggested put the update and network connection back....so I am all fixed up now.


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