How to install headphone with mic in linux mint

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How to install headphone with mic in linux mint

Postby ashokkan1687 » Mon Nov 09, 2009 12:41 am

hi my name is chandru ... am using linux mint its very nice but i dont know how to install headphone with mic in my laptop acer aspire 5738.its not usb itsa ordinary pin connection kindly help me
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Re: How to install headphone with mic in linux mint

Postby garda » Mon Nov 09, 2009 3:20 am

I'm speculating it's a USB headset you're having problem with. If so, please post the output of this command (don't forget to plug the headset in):

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sudo lsusb

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Re: How to install headphone with mic in linux mint

Postby pluraldave » Mon Nov 09, 2009 11:11 am

Almost all sound can be fixed the same way.

pluraldave wrote:1. Check that the cables for the headset are plugged into the right ports on your computer.

2. Make sure that the corresponding computer control is turned up.
- Left click the speaker control icon in your panel/toolbar. (If you haven't moved it it will be on the right hand end)
If you have XFCE the mixer will open, if you have Gnome click "volume controls" to open the mixer

- In XFCE click "select controls", in gnome click "preferences".

-A box will open up with choices of which controls you want visible. Select every single possible option and close the box.

-Play with all the options you now have in all the tabs. It's most likely that the control you want is just muted in the "playback" tab.

3. If you still have no sound open up a terminal and enter the command

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Copy and paste (highlight and centre click not Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V) the results into a post here so we can look for any problems with your particular sound card.

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