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workspace names

Post by savage1267 »

I'm using Helena.
I've added the workspace changer to the panel.

In other 'buntus, I can change the names of the workspaces. Such as naming them after my cats or constellations or whatever. Please tell me I'm retarded and that it's easy to do. :oops:
PS: (and also how to do it)
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Re: workspace names

Post by vrkalak »

I don't use Gnome, so you'll have to bare with me. And maybe, adapt a little.

In the Xfce Desktop, I go to:

Maybe ... (Administration) >> Settings Manager >> Workspaces >> when it shows each individual workspace (for however many workspaces you have on the desktop).
Double click on a workspace icon (even if it doesn't look like you can) ... and change the name. Done.

Xfce doesn't have the same Menu as Gnome ... but you can find the "Workspaces" Manager in Preferences?
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Re: workspace names

Post by XidCat »

This is dependent on visual effects.... You must turn off all desktop effects (R-click on desktop, Change Desktop Background, Visual Effects tab, select "none"). Then you can right click on the desktop switcher, you will get everything when you click Preferences. Highlight the name you want to change, type in the new and close. That said, if you reenable the desktop effects, say bye-bye to your new desktop names... I have not found a workaround as of yet, and extensive Googling hasn't located anyone that has. If you find out, post here please.. :D
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