Best HD partitioning Helena for easy Isadora Upgade ?

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Best HD partitioning Helena for easy Isadora Upgade ?

Postby visk » Sat Jan 30, 2010 3:13 am

In reinstalling Mint8 and I would like to use some wise HD partitioning that would allow me to easily upgrade to Mint9 when it will come out.

I've read that a /boot partition and a /var/log partitons are a good idea.
I've also read that doing a /home partition is better than just a single partition + swap, but that is not the best option.
In fact a Data partition is the best right ?

Could anyone explain how to do that and in general suggest a good partition table (for a single HD) that would allow a clean and easy upgrade in the future?

thx! :o

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Re: Best HD partitioning Helena for easy Isadora Upgade ?

Postby Silent Warrior » Sat Jan 30, 2010 4:08 am

Well, I'd say anything that uses one separate partition for /home is a good enough idea. Anything besides that depends on how much trouble you're prepared to go through - Arch promotes a 100 Mb /boot partition formatted as EXT2, not sure about what the big players or other smallish fry say. I personally have a /, /home and swap scheme, and I have had no problem whatsoever so far. (Well... Besides bloody persistant configuration files doing untoward things when I install another distribution on top of it, but... :roll: ) I've also seen suggestions to keep a separate /usr partition, and one for /opt.
Can you explain what you mean about a data-partition, though? When I read that part of your post, I keep confusing it with a separate /home.

I think that's as clean and easy as you need. Perhaps not the most elegant, but this is what works for me. Elaborate if you wish. I'm not going to give any advice on partition-size here - there will be more complete guides and suggestions elsewhere.

To do this, you'll more or less have to use a liveCD - at least, that'll be the least fuss, and the only way I've managed to easily do things to my partitions. (Linux doesn't like you working over a mounted filesystem, see.) Keep note of which partition you mean to use for which mount-point! Once logged in on the LiveCD, the only indication you'll get is device/partition-number and filesystem. Then you just... open up GParted/Partition Manager and work your magic. There is, however, nothing safe about this procedure - backups are wise.

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Re: Best HD partitioning Helena for easy Isadora Upgade ?

Postby Pierre » Sat Jan 30, 2010 4:26 am

I have a separate partitions for /, /home, /swap.
the /swap & /home are are shared with other Linux O/Ss,
with each having its own / partition.
In the install you format the / with the new O/S, but not the /home.
swap also get formatted, each time.

I have three different linux O/Ss on this box, so thats Five partitions.
the three / are in a primary partition,
the /home & swap in the extended/logical partition(s).

in your case, the /swap would be about 1000Mb & the rest of the new hdd,
divided, probably equally between / & /home.
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