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Netiquette question

Postby bzzzzz » Sat Jan 30, 2010 4:58 am

So I've posted a problem on my linux mint system and I've had some advice which I've followed and replied to but I still have the problem.

I know one individual posting the same problem frequently is annoying, but equally if I don't post again I'm not certain that the problem will ever be resolved.

How long should I wait before posting the problem again?

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Re: Netiquette question

Postby gn2 » Sat Jan 30, 2010 5:00 am

Personally I reckon it would be OK to bump the thread after 24 hours.

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Re: Netiquette question

Postby scott_R » Sat Jan 30, 2010 8:26 pm

Agreed, although if it's a problem limited to a small number of users, you might let it wait a couple of days. For a rare piece of hardware or an application that applies to a narrow field or specialty, it might take a while to get an answer, so perhaps bump the thread when it falls off of a slow moving first or second page (where threads might be days or weeks old).

The main thing to remember is that people want to help, and will if they can, so "machine gun" bumping, cross-posting, and duplicating threads probably won't get you an answer any quicker, and mean someone else might not get the help they need. Those actions are approximately the equivalent of cutting in line at an amusement park or movie theater, and show a disregard for others. When you're asking for help from others, it's bad form. :)

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Re: Netiquette question

Postby vrkalak » Sat Jan 30, 2010 8:35 pm

From the official "Getting the Best Help in Linux Forms" blog:

Follow up with a resolution
If people are nice enough to volunteer help, you should be nice enough to say what the outcome of that help was. Did it work? If so, what worked. Did it not work? If so, what error message did you get. Did you give up? What happened?

Other things to keep in mind

* Allow at least 24 hours before bumping a thread with bump or anyone?
* Do not post the same thread multiple times in different sections. Pick the most appropriate section and post it there once. Bump the thread every day or two if it appears to be dying. Don’t do more than four bumps, though.
* Do not ask for support through private message or email. A forum thread is the best way to get help. It allows more than one person to help you, and it also allows others to benefit from your solution (the forum thread could be found through a Google search; your private messages and emails cannot).

The most important thing to remember about help forums (for Linux, for Ubuntu, for anything) is that they’re made up of people and usually volunteers. Be nice. Be courteous. Treat people with respect. Explain things. Ask questions. Be appreciative. And “pay it forward” (help others, too).
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