help! strange and slow boot, black screen with "letters"

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help! strange and slow boot, black screen with "letters"

Post by dasha » Sat Feb 27, 2010 12:24 pm

Hello, how are you?

First thing to say:
I'm new here. I was tired of Windows and its virus, so I installed Linux on my computer. I intend to use it as my main OS. I tried ubuntu time ago and it hadn't the problem I've got now, with Mint.

I installed the x64 edition, after being installed the universal one. The problem is that from the beginning, Linux boot has been very slow, both Live DVD and installed OS.

I've been estimating the time, and the result is 6 minuts until the login screen.

That's what happens: I press the "On" key. It starts to charge, a green screen appears and I choose the first option (something like Linux Mint 8 Helena ... (generic)) and then the screen turns black and starts to charge. It fills up with white letters, it takes not much time and then it stops. I don't remember exactly the last entry, but I can write things. So, if I write or if I don't, it remains like that for 3 minutes and starts to put more and more letters. Then it stops for a second time. The last entry is something about login (... Linux Mint 8 Helena-x64 Edition toshi tty1toshi login:_ ) then I'm supposed to put my login and the password. If I do it, it opens another black screen where are some green characters... If I wait, it remains like that 3 minutes and charges the login screen (colored).

The OS generally works very well, very fast, but I wold like to know any way to make boot faster. I've read that other people's Linux OS login appears in 20 seconds...

Please, help me.

PS: It can't be the ISO file because I've tried different editions, different times, in installed way and like LiveCD...
PS2: toshi is my pc name


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Re: help! strange and slow boot, black screen with "letters"

Post by Husse » Fri Mar 05, 2010 6:53 pm

Welcome to Mint
Please read the simple rules
in the link in the red box on top of the page
If it takes six minutes to boot there is definitely something wrong and probably with the live CD/DVD
Did you check the md5sum and burned slowly?
But if it works fine once booted - should I understand you that way? - I can think of one thing that can go wrong and that is if grub does not point to the same partition for kernel and vmlinuz
Do you have more than one partition with Mint installed?
If you have please run and post (copy/paste in the terminal is done with Ctrl+Shift +c or v instead of just Ctrl)

Code: Select all

sudo blkid
For an explanation of "Select All" above look here - sorry if it's obvious to you
Also post the content of /boot/grub/grub.cfg
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