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dont quit

Post by waltermmckown »

after starting and quiting linux products a dozen times, I, a basic dolt, have got MINT(gloria) to work! I be soooo happy! linux is simply not for some folks, but, keep working at it. sadly, for me it took a couple of years! no, it's not windows, but you CAN use it to do almost anything. it's just different. to think I can install an OS on my desktop for nickels and dimes and go on-line etc and play Saurbraton(?) is simply awesome! yes, my windows games are screwed, but, my system is functional, very pretty and damn near free. in the past I wrote and howled about linux in general and for that I apologize. to those ready to scream and quit, I understand. I did, but in the back room I kept a system (P4@2.8) with some form of linux.(the system I use to write this) . one sunny day I found it was not impossible to use. in fact, it seems more and more pleasing. I can see light at the end of some kind of tunnel. I feel a bit dazed.

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Re: dont quit

Post by RedWagon »

sadly, for me it took a couple of years!... ... in the past I wrote and howled about linux in general
yeah, me too. I didn't use Linux full time until about four years after I started messing with it.
go on-line etc and play Saurbraton(?)
Also try Urban Terror, Warsow, Nexuiz and Teeworlds. Quake Live also works in Linux.

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