xorg, openGL, and ati catalyst

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xorg, openGL, and ati catalyst

Post by solna »

okay, so on a lark(and curiosity) i tried a live cd of mint, and was impressed enough to go ahead with the install after learning about wine(im a WoW-head, what can i say?).

now i'm a little baffled about the video drivers and system. i know mint comes with xorg 7.(something), and i'm pretty sure as of this morning mine did too.

and then i started playing with ATI drivers and boom, it starts looking like this...
Screenshot-1.png (118.99 KiB) Viewed 437 times
it says i have no openGL at all(i did before i played with the ATI drivers), which is a little odd.

hardware info: ati radeon 9k or 9200, mobile(toshiba satellite 185-s1072).

was getting odd messages in wine about not having openGL before i played with trying to get catalyst up. would be able to start wow and get the intro-movie(just as epic in linux as winderz), but the minute it went to login screen, boom, error 132.

i'm currently about to attempt a reinstall via crossover.

so, any thoughts on the graphics issues? how would i ensure i've got the real xorg i need?
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Re: xorg, openGL, and ati catalyst

Post by remoulder »

There is no proprietary ATI driver available that will work with your graphics card under recent versions of mint, ATI withdrew support for older cards. You have to use the OS supplied open source radeon driver. If you have installed catalyst you will need to remove it again, how you do this depends on how you installed it. If there is an /etc/X11/xorg.conf file, open a terminal and enter

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sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf
then restart.
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Re: xorg, openGL, and ati catalyst

Post by Biker »

The Error 132 could be caused by a myriad of things as well. I'd have to see the entire error message (found in the WorldofWarcraft/Errors folder) in order to determine what the exact cause of the error was.

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