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Beryl, do I go about running them?

Posted: Wed Aug 29, 2007 12:08 pm
by Stan_1936
Hello all, I;m a new user to Linux and Mint Linux. I just installed Mint on my PC (Xfce version) and have completed some software updates. Next, I would like to get the 3D desktop up and running. I see Beryl, Beryl Manager and Envy in System and Emerald Theme Manager in Settings.

1. Which of these are already installed and which do I need to install?
2. If they are all installed, which manager do I click on first to setup the software? I am familiar with Compiz Fusion but not Beryl/Emerald.

Posted: Wed Aug 29, 2007 2:30 pm
by 900i
This is the Beryl Userguide

Posted: Fri Aug 31, 2007 7:28 am
by Husse
Beryl and Emerald are installed. You click on Beryl in the menu and the Beryl icon appears in the panel - right click and select Beryl as your window manager and you're done.
Then you can start Emerald and play around - provided you have installed 3D drivers for your video card.
If you exerience problems there are several threads in the forum and articles in the wiki to help you