Turn off monitor when system is idle

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Turn off monitor when system is idle

Post by rameshkarthik »


I want screen saver to come after the monitor is idle for 5 minutes and I want to turn off the monitor after it is idle for 10 minutes. The screen saver is properly getting activated after 5 minutes of idle time. Bur the monitor is not turned off even after 10 monitor.

NOTE: I don't want to use blank screen saver.

Attached below is my screen saver and power management setting.
Is there any way of achieving the same using terminal? If so, Could you please let me know how to achieve it?
K.Ramesh Karthik.

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Re: Turn off monitor when system is idle

Post by Intangir »

im having the same problem
on 2 machines
1 has 2 lcds
and 1 is a 1 monitor crt

all three of them activate blank screen screensaver no problem like they are supposed to

but NONE of them are turning off the monitor(s)

the setting is on.. it just doesnt seem to be using it
both are fully updated now
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