Which release would you suggest?

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Which release would you suggest?

Post by cloo »

I`d like to ask for an advice.

I have an oldish 512Mb Ram laptop (1.7Ghz Thurion x64), and no real preference over desktop manager.
And of course I want Mint on it.
All I care is responsiveness and a little user-friendliness (e.g. thumbnails in file browser would be nice).

I know a little about fluxbox: right-click navigation is no problem, but i hate crawling textfiles and decyphering their syntax.
But maybe menus are well built-in and there`s little need to customize it - maybe it even grasps all newly installed programs?

About others - XFCE and LXDE - I know nothing.

So taken I don`t have time to waste and just want to install and learn once (in this case),
which release would you choose in my place?

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Re: Which release would you suggest?

Post by kei84 »

I would suggest the fluxbox edition.
It's more complicate to customize than xfce and lxde but I'm pretty sure it will run great in your machine.

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Re: Which release would you suggest?

Post by Aging Technogeek »

Your machine's specs allow you to run any of the three versions you mention.

Fluxbox would be the easiest to install, and the lightest on ram usage once installed and it is the most customizable, but it is the least "user friendly".

LXDE would be my personal choice for this machine. It is nearly as fast as fluxbox, only slightly more ram hungry, and much easier to configure and use.

Xfce will install and run acceptably but it will take more ram than the other two and will be slightly slower. It will install as easily as LXDE and is as configurable.

The version you use is up to you. As a suggestion, if you can do it, download all three versions, burn them to CD or (preferably for loading and running speed) to a flashdrive (1-2 GB is enough) and try all three by running the live desktop before you make a decision on which to install.
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Re: Which release would you suggest?

Post by rivenathos »

I have run GNOME, Xfce LXDE, and Fluxbox Mint versions on similar hardware. As said above, you really should give them all a try to see what runs best on your hardware and feels right to you. That being said, an overall balance will probably be the LXDE edition of Mint.
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Re: Which release would you suggest?

Post by jesica »

I have run GNOME also with less specs

Happy apt-get-ing!

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