How do you install LM Debian

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Re: How do you install LM Debian

Post by Silent Warrior »

Hm, well, the LMDE-installer asks just the same question as any other Linux-installer. Maybe a selected set rather than the whole package (Debian straight-and-true, Arch, Gentoo...), but if you can manage to install Ubuntu, you can install LMDE. I would point you to a user guide (if we had one for LMDE), but the question on where to install things is so fundamental you could probably get a good answer from any distribution's installation guide.

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Re: How do you install LM Debian

Post by richyrich »

When you see those partitions, and nothing set for formatting, see what happens when you right-click on each of 'em. . . pls, don't forget a little swap space, you won't need much, as with this spin from ikey, it's fast and lean . . . it's already a classic ! (and a keeper) :D

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Re: How do you install LM Debian

Post by StanTheMan »

Just a few peculiarities in te LMDE installer.....
When the partition list comes up , select your partition to change by double-clicking or right-cicking and you get a small dialogue window to set the format and mount point.
The setting for MBR is at the last and you leave it checked if you want to write the MBR for this new operating system.
UserName and password work the same as previous for a SUDO User, but after your install is finished, yo will need to use CLI to create a Root password - - -
sudo passwd
(authorize with your User password)
Create a NEW Unix password , which becomes the Root password for some dialogue box settings which were acquired from Debian (such as Software Manager).

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Re: How do you install LM Debian

Post by 1002richards »

Useful partitioning guide with screenshots here: ... nt-debian/

I used the version for Mint 9 and it worked a treat.

Hope this helps?


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