Best way to set up Mint - two users & two languages

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Best way to set up Mint - two users & two languages

Post by gosa »

Hi All!

First of all... this might be covered somewhere already... my google-fu isn't the best and I'm not very proficient (yet) when it comes to linux terminology.
- Guess that's why I'm here in the newbie section, right?

So I've been looking around a bit for info on how to best set up a Mint installation from scratch with two user accounts that each run one language. I want to be able to have it all in English, while my gf would prefer to do it all in Spanish.

I understand that I - once I have it all set up - can choose language at the login screen, but what would be the best order to do this setup in?

I'll be installing Mint in English - that's part one. (I suppose)
What would be the next step? Do I add the next user first or how do I go about this?

Ohh.. and I'll be putting the XFCE-version of Mint 9 on it if that is important to know...

Any pointers?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Best way to set up Mint - two users & two languages

Post by Teucca »

Here is an instruction, i hope its help you
Linux Mint Suomi guide
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