Failed to allocate mem resouces.

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Failed to allocate mem resouces.

Postby ataranea » Mon Oct 22, 2007 11:59 pm

Hi i just tried to install Linux mint. I already did the whole Envy and installed the the nvidia drivers but I think I am missing some hardware drivers for my T61. It gives me the following error when i boot up...PCi failed to allocate mem resouces and a bunch of numbers...

I dont know what this means. please help.

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Postby nick » Tue Oct 23, 2007 3:57 am


Fix here:
Re: Failed to allocate mem resources
You can force the kernel to reserve this memory so that the problem goes away. To do this, you need to have Grub pass a "reserve=" parameter to the kernel at boot time. One way to achieve this (I don't know if it's the 'correct' way) is to edit your /boot/grub/menu.lst file and locate the first "kernel" line, probably similar to this one:....... ... 817&page=3


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