Mint 10 and LMDE...WHY? Major difference?

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Mint 10 and LMDE...WHY? Major difference?

Post by wiggy25 »

I've only been looking at different O.S. for the last month, and have been using Ubuntu 10.10 for the last three weeks.
Wasn't overly impressed with the way they are going to change the desktop top from Gnome to Unity, bad enough trying to learn a new O.S. without completely changing the desktop interface!

So I looked around and found Mint!
I've been playing about over the last couple of days with Mint 10 and it's installed as a dual boot on my PC with Vista.
Got to say finding it really easy to use and it does seem more finished and professional than Ubuntu, everything works as it should no major problems.

I've just been reading that you also have LMDE.
So, I understand that Linux Mint 10 Julia is based on Ubuntu.
Linux Mint Debian is based on Debian

What is the differences between these two systems?
Is one better than than the other? ( If so in what way?)
Looking at the screen shots of LMDE they both look the same to me.

The only major thing I can see, is that it's a way of not having to use Ubuntu as the base, which gives more......I don't know.... freedom or choice as to which way Linux Mint goes in the future, not being tied to an existing base perhaps.( not too sure of the terminology )

As Julia is now released based on Ubuntu 10.10 and seems to be very stable, would it not be better for Linux Mint to concentrate on the one thing be it Mint Ubuntu or Mint Debian?
With limited resources surely this would make sense?
As a newbie I'm just trying to get my head round it all, can't seem to find many answers on this sort of topic!

Any thoughts would be gratefully received.


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Re: Mint 10 and LMDE...WHY? Major difference?

Post by Craig_Dem »

LMDE is rolling release. You don't have to move from 8 -> 9 -> 10 -> x -> y but can just update packages from mintUpdate and your computer will have the latest of everything.

Ubuntu will allow the user to switch between unity and GNOME at startup. As stated by a unity dev in a Reddit AMA

You could say Debian gives more choice and is unaffected from any attentional bugs created by ubuntu. Ubuntu is based on Debian.
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Re: Mint 10 and LMDE...WHY? Major difference?

Post by tdockery97 »

Additionally LMDE could require a little more maintenance. Being based on Debian Testing, there is the possibility that updates could break something. Many people wait a few days to apply the latest updates to make sure the LMDE section of the forums isn't flooded with "updates broke my video" or something similar. Usually if something like this happens it is fixed rather quickly, as what is in Testing now will become Debian Squeeze final release soon. Overall, I think most of us find LMDE to be as stable as Mint 10.
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Re: Mint 10 and LMDE...WHY? Major difference?

Post by grey1960envoy »

Overall, I think most of us find LMDE to be as stable as Mint 10.
I will certainly attest to this statement although I find that if Clem and his crew are involved, things tend to work out quite well :D :D :D
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