General Question concerning wireless adapter

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General Question concerning wireless adapter

Postby Xeeon » Thu Nov 01, 2007 5:12 am

I'm currently downloading Mint, and am wondering if there are any sort of problems with the WUSB54G Wireless Adapter, much less wireless adapters at all..

I remember when using my first linux (PCLinuxOS) I had to install the driver or something like that and on another distro, I had to use ndiswrapper, which confused the CRAP outta me...

so I was wonder if, before installation, that there was anything special I needed to do for my adapter.

and, if so, I'd like some help (like with ndiswrapper)

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Postby Husse » Thu Nov 01, 2007 6:27 am

Welcome to Mint Xeeon
As you can see from the two links newer versions have no problems with wusb54g
An older version has.....
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Postby clem » Thu Nov 01, 2007 9:09 am


It's your lucky day:

- I have an WUSB54G v4 at home..
- mintWifi supports WUSB54G v4, v1 and v2 :)

So look behind the device to see which version you have (hopefully a v4) and in Daryna:

Use the "Windows Wireless Drivers" tool to install the WUSB54G drivers in /usr/lib/linuxmint/mintWifi/drivers

Then open a terminal and type:

sudo rmmod rt2500usb

(eventually add this to the blacklist in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist)

sudo modprobe ndiswrapper

sudo modprobe ndiswrapper -m

And you should be able to connect to the net via DHCP by just typing "sudo dhclient".

If this work then all you have to do is ask around (it's likely I won't be reading this thread ... too many posts for me to hang around as much as I'd like in the forums) how to automate this at boot.

Good luck,


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