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Back in the Linux Game!

Postby Zman9001 » Sat Nov 03, 2007 3:08 pm

Hi everyone! Thought I'd introduce myself. After the past few years in the dark world of Windoze I'm back in the Linux game with Linux Mint 3.1. It seems absolutely fantastic so far and haven't had any major problems other than getting my sound card to work properly but that's resolved now.

After years of looking through the teller windows of Win95, 98, 00, Me, XPPro, and Vista, I'm completely fed up with M$ and have now for the second time fully migrated into an Open-Source environment.

I've been into Linux since the days of Red Hat 9. I've since been on Madrake 10, SuSe something or other, Fedora Core 5, Fedora 7, and now Mint 3.1.

Stay Open,

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Postby civint » Sat Nov 03, 2007 4:12 pm

well, welcome back! I hope you enjoy being back in a vibrant minty fresh community as well :P

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