How open is and are mint-ers to development input?

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How open is and are mint-ers to development input?

Postby Suchawato » Mon Nov 05, 2007 5:53 pm

I ask this question, because in Ubuntu, I have disovered a certain ammount of defensiveness, and resistance to impliment new ideas and changes. There are a few of us (more than a few actualy) that for instance, have come up with, developed(and written), designed and implemented practical new ideas and or solutions to real problems with the current distrobution. However, I have noticed a degree of defensiveness and resistance on the part of some "Ubuntu Members" to actively implement community suggested changes in the distro.
This has led me to some frustration, as it seems sort of clique-y like a members only club with regard to development.
This is sad, because there are a lot of people in the Ubuntu community that come up with very good ideas, and even write the code and make the graphics to make it happen.
So I heard about Mint, and saw this review that said somthin like " yeah, you can actually post an idea in the forums and see it in the release repos(or somthing like that) a week later"
Is this true?
Are you all really willing and open to community input like that?
That would really be wonderful. if it is.
I would happily join your ranks if this is true.

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Postby carlos » Mon Nov 05, 2007 6:16 pm

Yep its true. :wink:
Granted we're a small group of people with very limited resources, but if the idea is good and the community is saying we want it and it cuts the mustard with Clem, it usually is included. The more developers that help to improve the distro the better. :D
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Postby Suchawato » Mon Nov 05, 2007 9:40 pm

Count me in!
I come bearing gifts!
Where do I bring them?
Talk about them ?
This is so great!
You know, I can sort of understand the conservativeness of Ubuntu, after all, they are trying to aim at Microsoft's market of corporate and govt.'s and educational stuff, but still, the procedural red tape>>>you need a community vote and discussion to decide whether or not the wallpaper should be improved! It's sort of silly.
So yeah, me and some others have been working on a project that is just about done, and I for one would rather bring it here and develop others here than spend days on end trying to explain why fixing a problem is a good thing, so that it might, or might not be implemented in Hardy.
I give up.
So anyway, great!
We're on board.
Where do we submit our project for review?

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