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Install problem

Postby ahninmd » Wed Nov 21, 2007 1:30 pm

I am trying to install on a Disk with a current XP partition. I have used GParted to create 2 partitions (for / and swap). When I try to install Mint, in the partitioning session it correctly sees the 2 partitions but on pressing forward, it spends hours apparently doing nothing!! Please help!

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Re: Install problem

Postby BakUp » Wed Nov 21, 2007 5:04 pm

It does not sound like it much but you may have a bad burn of somekind, I have a check-list of things to look for if you can not install mint. Is it a purchased CD or did you download and burn the ISO ? If you downloaded and burned then check out the following, it may be any of these:

- maybe a bad burn
- check the MD5 sum
- burn slow if possible (2x or 4x)
- try the CD in another machine
- try a different brand of media
- try burning the iso to a DVD-RW media (don't laugh, this works)
- move the iso to another machine and burn it with it's burner
- test the media drive
- search the forums
- check to see whether your motherboard / soundcard / network card / "hardware x" is compatible with Linux:
- Google for it:

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If none of these are the problem, post back and an expert should stop in to help you.

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