Nandroid equivalent?

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Nandroid equivalent?

Post by h8r »

With Android, you can make a backup image of your current system, which you can reload later. This way you can install different ROMs (the computer equivalent would be to install different OSs), make risky tweaks etc, and switch between the nandroid backups at your whim. Feel like you prefered your settings and files a week ago as opposed to all the changes made since? Reload the nandroid you made from a week ago. What I'm not interested in is normal backup software. This isn't like a windows restore point. From what I understand a nandroid copies everything, the entire system "state" in a sense, all files and settings from top to bottom, and when you reload it, you lose everything that wasn't a part of the nandroid.

Is there an equivalent for Linux? I have my system exactly how I like it right now after a fresh install and a few changes, and before anything starts to fall apart I want to make a backup image so I don't have to go through the reinstall process all over again should I want/need to revert. Also, having the backup image provides peace of mind so I can make riskier alterations to my system, which I'm hesitant to do otherwise.
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Re: Nandroid equivalent?

Post by rob2uk »

Try this

The live CD/USB would probably be the most useful to you.
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Re: Nandroid equivalent?

Post by lmintnewb »

Look at clonezilla and remastersys.
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