Newbie Work Around to Make Linux MInt 11 Read text to speech

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Newbie Work Around to Make Linux MInt 11 Read text to speech

Post by surfsteve »

I just made this video and it wouldn't let me post it before so I will try and post it here since it is my first post. ... r_embedded
video description:
I just downloaded Linux Mint 11 a few days ago after a virus ate Windows XP on a computer I bought used. I really needed a good text reader. I can't stand GeSpeaker. The voices are inaudable and it doesn't highlight as it reads to you or anything.

In this video I show how to download, install, set up and use the Windows XP based program called Readplease in Linux Mint 11 with WINE.

Copy and paste what you want read into readplease. Readplease highlights each word as it reads to you.

Some websites will read a few characters as garbage in Readplease. Just paste and copy it through LiberOffice Writer first and it will take out all of the bad code for you.

Drag and drop Readplease onto your task bar so you can start the program with one click. If you close it first before you paste something new into it it each time instead of leaving the program open all day it seems to eliminate the possibility of Readplease crashing the system.

I don't know why Readplease only runs on XP in Windows but here is something interesting... From Windows XP hit Start+settings
+control panel+Speech. It will bring up a little program that will let you paste in only one line at a time but it highlights each word as it reads it. Just like Readplease does! How come nobody ever made anything that works like this for Linux? There are lots of games to blow up and kill people but as far as I know, nobody has ever written anything like this for Linux.

Sure hope this video plays better on youtube than it does on my computer. I couldn't even see Readplease highlighting as it read. Sorry for the bad quality in advance. Bad camera. Hope this is of help and inspiration for somebody!
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Re: Newbie Work Around to Make Linux MInt 11 Read text to sp

Post by DarkRubySage »

Rather than do all that, wouldn't it be easier to just use espeak? In fact, I think it's even included in Mint by default.
(If not, just paste in the terminal:
sudo apt-get install espeak)

Then type in the terminal:
espeak "Your text goes here, in quotations."
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Re: Newbie Work Around to Make Linux MInt 11 Read text to sp

Post by conslie »

A mintcast podcast two weeks ago interviewed a Linux user who is promoting Linux distros in South America and Africa for the visually and otherwise limited computer users.

He talked about getting frustrated enough with Windows machines to let a colleague set him up with Mint, and then discovering that the Linux software he needed was either free or very cheap ($20 vs $1200 the SSI disability system paid for the Windows program).

Give it a listen and check the links: ... an-nadeau/

Good suggestions about using Readplease and LibreOffice. There may be even better solutions within Linux. One thing in the discussion is that Jonathan Nadeau says he has found far more and better applications supporting people like him because the motivations of those doing programming in the Linux and open source communities are very different from those working within the m$ mindset - serving others versus making $$$, which sees the variously disabled as unprofitable without first getting a government contract that price their wares at $1200 per user.

A very interesting discussion, whether text to speech is of interest or not.
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