Live USB - adding software

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Live USB - adding software

Post by sagarchandratrey »

Hi All
I have a linux mint 11 Live USB and I want to add additional softwares to it..I installed Kazam while on a Live session using the USB.But when I used the same USB on a different machine in a different session, it did not show up Kazam...It had vanished...Then where was the software installed the first time?Why did it vanish after the session...?I don't want it to vanish...How can I do this?Please help !!!
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Re: Live USB - adding software

Post by SimonTS »

When you create a LiveCD using the normal method, it is almost identical to creating a LiveCD or LiveDVD. You cannot then modify it - it has no 'persistence'.

There are two ways to achieve what you want to do - you can either creat a USB with persistence (Unetbootin provides this option for Ubuntu-based distros) or you could actually install Mint to the USB stick so that it is functioning as a hard-drive installation would.
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