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Post by throwawaynickname »

So I just upgraded from Mint 7 to 11 and the new version seems to be slow as f*ck compared to the older. What's up with that? My system is old, but (so far)fully functional(except for GPU I had to replace a couple years ago), with 1.4GHz Athlon processor and 512 MB of RAM.

Also, since I'm here, any tips on making it faster?
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Re: Slowdown

Post by nunol »

Here is my number one tip for you: consider installing Mint 10 LXDE (or Mint 11 LXDE RC) instead of Mint 11.

I have a 2002 Toshiba laptop with Mint 7, Mint 10 LXDE and Windows XP and Mint 10 LXDE is the fastest system by far.

If you want to tune Mint 11 instead here are a few tips:
- go to startup applications and remove everything you don't use often (you can always reactivate again) including the mintupdate, bluetooth, cups, etc
- Do you need 6 tty's?
- lower swappiness to 10
- turn of visual effects
- use Gnome with Openbox instead of metacity
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Re: Slowdown

Post by xenopeek »

Some more tips:
1. You can run command "top" in the terminal, and look for applications that take the most memory and see if you can install lightweight alternatives for those.
2. You can run command "initctl | grep running" in the terminal, and look for services you don't need to run and switch those off.

For the last tip; for example I don't connect to Windows or Apple network or devices, so I can do without the avahi-daemon, nmdb and smbd. To remove them follow steps below. Could can always activate them again by removing the last line "manual" for the mentioned files.

Code: Select all

# Disable Avahi (Zeroconf)
sudo service avahi-deaemon stop
echo manual | sudo tee -a /etc/init/avahi-daemon.override
# Disable Samba (Windows networking)
sudo service nmbd stop
echo manual | sudo tee -a /etc/init/nmbd.override
sudo service smbd stop
echo manual | sudo tee -a /etc/init/smbd.override
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