help me with Gparted please!!

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help me with Gparted please!!

Post by Buxna »

hi ..i got a laptop with linux mint 11 os installed on.and pleas don't get me wrong..i like this os so far but i know nothing about it , and i need windows 7 installed on it along with here is the problem : ... otvzv.png/ zoom in to see details

here i got, i think, 3 partitions
i need that partition with 285 gb free space divided into two, or three partition so i can install win7
can someone give me step by step instruction PLEASE
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Bob E
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Re: help me with Gparted please!!

Post by Bob E »

Don't panic. The 3 partitions are there for your Mint 11, so what you have so far is perfect, just the way it should be. The extra little partitions are for Linux to use.

As far as setting up 7 on what you have, I've always started with Windows first, then added Linux second, so I can't help you with GParted, but some one will be along soon to help.
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Re: help me with Gparted please!!

Post by wayne128 »

You have one primary partition sda1 with ext4 format for Linux OS
Then you have a Linux extended partition, within it there is a Swap at sda5.

Now you want to have another partition to install Win7.

Here are the steps
1. Boot laptop with Mint CD and run Live ( Do not run from Mint installation)
2. Open a terminal
3. type sudo gparted and run gparted.
4. assuming you are familiar with gparted, now click the sda1 partition, choose resize, either type in the size you want, says 150G.

or drag the arrow and move it so that sda1 become around 150G

5. click apply so that gparted resize this sda1.

6. when it is complete, there will be an unallocated space between your sda1 and sda2 (extended)

7, now click this unallocated space, select New, choose primary, format it to NTFS, click apply, gparted would create a new partition sda3 in ntfs format.

8 when done, quit your Mint Live CD, you are ready to install Win7, pop in Win 7 CD, proceed to install, it will find the sda3 ntfs partition and install over.
At the same time it will also write over your MBR so that only Win7 can boot.

9, when you are done checking to be sure win7 is running, you can now decide which boot loader you want to use for dual booting

9a, if you like to use windows based, one such simple to use boot loader is EasyBCD, google it, download it and install, then add Linux OS into the entrt

9b, if you can handle Grub2, which is default boot loader from Mint, you need to boot laptopn with Mint CD , run Live, open a terminal, type in following two commands

sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt

sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sda

this should install grub to MBR and allow dual boot.
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Re: help me with Gparted please!!

Post by xenopeek »

Note that your Windows drive will probably be D: or E: in this setup (which is fine for Windows and 98% of the Windows software out there).

For restoring GRUB, if you have a internet connection available from the LiveCD/DVD, you may also try the Boot Repair graphical application, which is very easy to use: ... ssues.html

After restore of GRUB, you need to add Windows to the boot menu. Boot into your default Linux and open Terminal (find it in menu) and run:

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gksudo gedit /etc/grub.d/40_custom
At the end, add lines (this is assuming your Windows drive is E: on /dev/sda3):

Code: Select all

menuentry "Windows" {
insmod chain
insmod ntfs
set root=(hd0,3)
chainloader +1
Save & close the file. Then run to apply changes:

Code: Select all

sudo update-grub2
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Re: help me with Gparted please!!

Post by JeffShepherd »

Hi buxna,

You first need to install Windows 7 so put the Windows dvd in the drive and install. Once installed you can alter the partion size from within Windows by using Partition manager, this website will give you instructions on how to do that, ... ows-vista/

Once you have the Windows partition the size you want then you can put your live Mint dvd in the drive and reboot. From there you can set up a swap partition and install Mint in the spare space on your hard drive.
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