Google Earth 6 - Text appears as... just boxes

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Google Earth 6 - Text appears as... just boxes

Post by DarkRubySage »

This is in Newbie Questions, because I'm not actually sure where else to put it (maybe I'm just tired :D)

Yeah, all text in Google Earth 6 renders as boxes - kinda like asian languages when you don't have a font for it.
I dunno what toolkit it uses, but it sure doesn't look like GTK, it doesn't even blend in. Dependencies for GEarth were "alien, rpm, etc" which is wierd.

Screenshot: Image
Anyone know what this is? I'd sort it out myself if I knew.
Oh by the way - I still use Mint, I just really dig the work the Elementary Team has been doing :D

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Re: Google Earth 6 - Text appears as... just boxes

Post by richyrich »

Try it again after Installing this from the Package Manager : ttf-mscorefonts-installer
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