Hosting http with Mint? Pointers/tips/good tutorials

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Hosting http with Mint? Pointers/tips/good tutorials

Post by ohcrapgorillas »

I recently decided to move my blog to a .com.

There are two steps in this process: getting the website registered, and getting a host. I have the .com registered in my name already, thru NameCheap.

The second part, the hosting, I want to do myself. Yes, I'm a noob... but I have good connection and a small 24/7 HTPC box running Mint 11, and this blog is going to be getting -minimal- traffic. I see no reason I can't do this myself. Yes, there is that 'utter lack of knowledge/experience' but I'm willing to learn. I may be a noob, but I'm not an idiot.

Anyway, I was hoping that people could give me some pointers, tips, etc:

Which server is best? Apache seems golden but it's hard to find a good noob-level Linux users guide...

What's the best approach to security for a site like this?

Are there any books or comprehensive online guides to this sort of thing that I should keep around as a reference?

and so on. Any sort of help or pointers or advice or jumping-off points will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Re: Hosting http with Mint? Pointers/tips/good tutorials

Post by barko »

Try this
and here you will get good howtos about perfect server: ... s-ftp-mail

you will see how easy is all that with the ehcp :)
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