Allocating more space to Linux Mint

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Hunter Welch
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Allocating more space to Linux Mint

Post by Hunter Welch »

Hello all.
I am currently dual-booting Windows 7 and Linux Mint.
100 GB is currently allocated to Linux Mint, while 400 GB is allocated to Windows 7.
How to I decrease Windows 7 drive capacity and increase Linux Mint's drive capacity.

Thanks to all,

Hunter J. Welch
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Re: Allocating more space to Linux Mint

Post by Kilz »

You can use the Gparted live cd to do it. Its best to use a live cd as messing with partitions on a mounted disk is ify at best. It will also take forever to resize the partitions.
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Re: Allocating more space to Linux Mint

Post by mank_in »

Partition master home edition ( free/gratis ), It is small program if you choose do it in MS windows.

Re: Allocating more space to Linux Mint

Post by lmintnewb »

Think it's better to do it with Win7's own disk utility. Using something else, can get you in trouble. I'm sure you can figure out how to use the tool that comes with the windows OS. Some other junk ... Defrag before you resize win7's partition and run diskcheck too on it. Just to be on the safe side.

Boot time defrag is even better imo. Don't know if win7's native disk utility will do boot time defragging. You can stop over at They have tons of good windows freeware on that site. The disk utility I like to use with XP ( haven't tried it with win7 ) is called Puran defrag Free edition ... Look around the site and you'll find it. You could just search for Puran in the sites search bar eh. Also use at your own risk. Boot time defragging is good stuff though.

Can do a psuedo boot time defrag I guess. If someone started their winblows OS in safemode and then runs defrag. But myself ... just prefer straight up boot time defragging with Puran atm.

Once you've resized win7's partition with it's own disk utility. You can use a livecd/dvd with gparted or the tool I like doing all my messing around with disks with is called Parted Magic .. it's opensource and is good stuff. Has never caused me any problems or errors .... yet. It has gparted live as one of the utils it includes. Expand the Mint partition to include the drivespace you freed up with step 1.

Wasn't gonna post, cause this is one of those things that gets asked 10 million times and 10mins on google should tell someone ... But might save ya ( or others ) some trouble. Pointing some of this stuff out. It's generally not a good idea imo to use gparted to resize windows partitions ( from what I've seen win7 for sure.) Using the wrong disk util and not doing the stuff I babbled about above imo. Is why ya see so many I just dual booted LM w win7 ... and now win7 won't start posts. ;)
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